2nd Level Kenku Ranger Hermit


Thwok was sent into seclusion at an early age out of the nest to guard a relic of great importance to the kenku of his tribe. Chosen by the elder of the tribe, Schrru, Thwok has known almost nothing other than the simple hut built to house the revered artifact. Years of watching over the item, Thwok dwelt deeply upon its meaning and import. It was nearly at that moment a great revelation came upon him, a raid of kobolds descended upon the stick and mud hut, leaving Thwok wounded and bereft of the item that had granted him life’s greatest inspiration.

Picking up the kobold’s tracks, Thwok is now on the trail of vengeance.

Personality: Thwok is oblivious to social etiquette and social expectations.

Ideals: If Thwok understands himself, there is nothing left to know.

Bonds: Thwok’s isolation has provided a great insight into a great evil that only he can destroy.

Flaws: Thwok would risk too much to uncover a lost bit of knowledge.

Party Bonds
“How do you know the character on your right?” [Sickly cawing sounds followed by a gentle lilting, slightly elvish, voice offering aid] The half-elf offered aid to a wounded Thwok on the road.

“Why do you travel to the town of Greenest with the character to your left?” [sounds of a roaring fire followed by the sounds of lapping waves upon a beach] The human that stinks of the salt water carries a bauble that has caught the eye of Thwok.

“What do you have against the Cult of the Dragon” [sounds of crashing and looting followed by the wild barking and yipping of kobolds] Thwok knows not of the Cult of the Dragon, but is in pursuit of the kobolds that defiled his tribe’s sacred nest and stole their most prized possession.


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