Limel “Lim” Elvëa

1st Level Half-Elf Spellcaster


Lim is an attractive young woman whose features are so elfin, she might be mistaken for a full-blooded elf, rather than a half-elf. Dressed in high quality, but worn, traveling clothes Lim gives the impression she has moved around a bit, which is true.


Her tribe was killed by bugbears allegedly in the service of a dragon, and Lim was raised by kind clerics of Lathander, the Morninglord. She wears his holy symbol still.
Lim spends little time among her own folk, seeking instead for a group of adventurers to join to revenge herself on the dragon while improving her admittedly novice spellcasting. She is slow to make friends, but is fearless and dangerous in a fight, which gives her a lot of upside as a potential ally.

Limel “Lim” Elvëa

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