Tyranny of Dragons

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Ep. 5

The party continued with their wagon train of seven merchant vehicles and three suspected cult transports. Early in the session, Lim's merchant met an adventuring party named “The Scrolls of Neverwood.” While they looked the part, our adventurers quickly smelled a rat. Lim’s merchant, however, was besotted and hired them, quickly dismissing Lim, who found work with a drover conveying perfumes and scented cooking oils.

The caravan came upon a man, Carlon, buried in the road ahead up to his neck with the words “Oath Breaker” written on his forehead. Weak and near death, he was freed by Gordachh. The party found him a place on the caravan. To their surprise, they discovered Carlon was a Harper, working undercover on another caravan when some cultists turned on him.

Continuing, the caravan is split in half by a horde of Loviatar worshippers marching on a bloody pilgrimage of self-flagellation. The three suspected cult wagons were ahead of the obstruction, and made a break for it, quickly putting distance between them and the merchants. While Gordachh ran ahead on foot to keep the cultists in sight, the party discovered the zealots were in search of the last phase of their march; a carpet of something sharp to walk across. Discovering a field of nettles nearby, the party informed the mass of zealots, who cleared the road to stomp across the painful patch of thorns in search of religious fulfillment.


The party harangued the merchants to quicken the pace and continue without rest to catch up with the cult wagons, which they eventually did. Gordach, surprisingly, was still alive. The cultists seemed surprised but did not object, and reintegrated into the caravan.


The wagon train rolled on, soon approaching the Troll Ford. Unsurprisingly the caravan was ambushed, and one of the wagons, belonging to Lim’s former employer and guarded by the “Scrolls of Neverwood,” was singled out. Giant spiders and purplish humanoids capture the carters, their horses, and the “Scrolls” and drag them into the nearby hills.

Our band of heroes tracked the captives and discovered blood trails leading into a cave. Making entry, they discover one of the captured horses, dying slowly, and euthanized it. Pressing on, they discovered that giant spiders had cocooned all the captives. Our heroes attacked, faring well against the spiders initially. The fight worsened when their Ettercap allies joined the fray. However, through teamwork, valor, and a little luck, our band of champions slew the spiders and mongrel Ettercaps.


The party freed the carters and the “Scrolls” after obtaining a confession the “adventurers” were really actors who were faking their parts to earn a lucrative contract guarding caravans. As all and sundry returned to the caravan, the discredited “Scrolls” were put to work pulling the now-horseless carriage as punishment for their deception.

Passing the Troll Ford, the wagon train rests at an in near Daggerford. There they are surprised to meet a saucy young girl who claims to be the sister of Cathbad!


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