Tyranny of Dragons

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Ep. 4

On the Road

Emerging from the Cult's cavern hatchery with three blue dragon eggs, the party encountered two new allies, Cathbad the druidical cleric and Jordachh the illegitimate shield. These new allies would prove crucial in escorting the eggs back to Greenest. Returning to the sacked town, Mayor Tarbaw Nighthill welcomed the companions back and provided them with the knowledge that Leosin had been grateful for their assistance in freeing him. In compensation, he left them horses and an invitation to meet in Elturel for a proposal.

The party agreed, but had open business with a dragon. Meeting at a field outside of town, they appeared with the dragon eggs that drew Lennithon from her lair. Some cowered in awe at the creature, but stood their ground. Lennithon showed as much appreciation as a creature of her size and power would ever show to mere mortals, which meant in the end she spared their lives. Perhaps in hopes they would be ones to exact revenge upon those that blackmailed her into action against Greenest.


Concluding their business in Greenest, the party traveled to Elturel (city of burning light) where they met with Ontharr Frume, a Harper and member of the Order of the Gauntlet (followers of Torm, God of Duty and Loyalty). Ontharr and Leosin implored the party to take passage to Baldur’s Gate to follow the cult’s stolen caravan of looted goods. Ontharr added an offer to join the Harpers, an organization that furthers the balance of order and seeks to keep evil organizations such as the Cult of the Dragon in check.

Agreeing to take up chase of the cult, the party traveled down the Chionthar river to Baldur’s Gate where they sought a caravan master in the city in order to find work amongst the caravan heading north to Waterdeep, the suspected destination of the cult’s ill-gotten gains. Cathbad, familiar with the bustle of the big city and the secrets its alleys and denizens hold, found the trail of Rezmir, the half-dragon cult leader had crossed in Baldur’s gate. It appeared that the purple robed cult leader had also employed the caravan master to commission three covered wagons heading north. Elsewhere, Lim and her companions worked to get hired on as bodyguards and caravan guards to various merchants heading out of Baldur’s Gate.

The road north wound through an ominous region named the Fields of Dead, and thus began what would be a 60-day journey to the City of Splendor. Among the first weeks of travel, the party ran afoul of the cult of the dragon after having sabotaged one of their wagons in order to confirm the identity of the contents of their cargo. At a roadside inn after days of unrelenting rain, the party encountered a trio of rude guests who provoked Cathbad to retaliate with a bucket of horse dung, and revealed the offending travelers as werewolves-in-disguise. Their demise at the hands of the party left a grateful inn-keeper who rewarded them with dry beds, a warm meal and drink. On another fateful day, Cathbad outpaced a mob of hunters intent upon a stunning golden stag spotted among a herd of deer on a distant hill. Following the stag into a clearing, the cleric of Silvanus was able to warn the stag of the danger and was rewarded with prophetic words about their journey ahead, and a wonderfully crafted bow and quiver of arrows.

Fields of the Dead

And so the party continues on their journey north, approaching the end of The Fields of the Dead, and coming soon to the crossing at Trollclaw Ford.



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